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Sea Fishing and Pleasure Trips from Grimsby

Grimsby Fish Docks, No 2 Jetty

Jetty No 2 is close to the slipsways, and there is a sign at the entrance of the jetty, where the gates open onto Faringdon Road.  Angelus is moored about half way along the jetty. Postcode of the building at the end of the jetty is DN31  3SH.  However, please note your satnav may try to direct you over Humber Bridge Road which is now CLOSED TO CARS.  The only access onto the docks for cars is via the security barrier (shown on map as fish dock control)  at the Riby Square end of the docks.

Grimsby Fish Docks, No 2 Jetty
Hours of operation:
Phone for details - gated harbour

Janeen 07787 885 784 - Skipper

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